HALO Cloud provides actionable intelligence by taking insight and awareness to new levels. Receive peace of mind by easily managing multiple devices, receive real-time Health Index and AQI alerts and reporting, and see alerts and historical data, allowing you to document your buildings’ health status and trouble areas.

The power of HALO Cloud
now available at your fingertips.

HALO Cloud App provides actionable intelligence by taking insight and awareness to new levels, now on your mobile device. Receive peace of mind by easily managing your building and HALO devices, even if you are not there, with push notifications.


Hea Ith Index provides a rea I-ti me indication of the potentia I risk for the spread of airborne infectious disease in a building and is used to help reduce the spread of infection. Air Quality Index provides a rolling average of the quality of the air you are breathing over the course of a few hours.

The app also displays Hotspots, which are the most active HALO Smart Sensors and the number of events it has generated. HALO Cloud App provides a real time event list that includes the event type, device name, date and time for each triggered event.

Push Notifications

Have peace of mind when you’re away from your building. When you enable push notifications, you can receive alerts from all your HALOs on your mobile device,just like you would on the desktop version.

  • Panic Button Triggered – time and location information provided

  • Two-Way Audio Communication Triggered – security has been notified

  • Air Quality Index Triggered – CO2 levels are high


The events will be listed in the order received and display the details of each event. Users with rights will be able to swipe events to acknowledge the events and remove from the event queue if necessary, and temporarily disable notifications for a selected device(s).

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