Fire Alarms or Life Safety Systems are crucial to protecting lives and property. Each system is designed with the intention of notifying building occupants that an event has occurred. Modern addressable systems can inform the fire department of exact areas under distress prior to entering the building thereby saving valuable time. Our systems integrate with fire suppression and access control to allow egress from structures in an emergency event. With the ability to operate speakers these systems can announce other mass notification events like weather and security alerts. Our team of experts can analyze your needs and provide you with the best options, tailor made to your situation while following state and local code requirements.

At FAST Solutions, we are committed to the highest level of customer service and strive for excellence in all aspects of the industry.

That includes professional expertise for any of your potential needs, including (but not limited to):

  • Fire alarm system installation

  • Fire alarm service (24/7 emergency service)

  • 24 hour fire alarm system monitoring

  • Re-design and remodel

  • Inspections (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly) depending on your requirements.

A fire alarm system is an integral part of your life safety and others. Contact us today to determine a commercial fire protection solution that is right for your business.

At Fast Solutions we strive to offer superior customer service and industry-leading technology to keep your customers, your employees, and your business protected.

Contact us today to determine the commercial security solution that is right for your business.

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